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If you are seeking gift ideas to present to the new Baron/Baroness:


  • Colors: green, teal, gold, pink
  • Food:
    • Likes: cheese, bread, fruit, chicken, chocolate, ginger ale
    • Dislikes: seafood, fish sauce, peanut butter mushrooms, hot peppers, root beer, marshmallows
  • Food Allergies: cilantro
  • Wants: Anything Viking, glass beads, amber, drop spindle, wool, inkle loom, books on historic topics and how-to topics
  • Nonfood Allergies: strongly-scented soaps, oils, perfumes, and flowers.


  • Colors:  Blue, Black
  • Food:
    • Likes:  nuts and seeds, fruit – fresh and dried, most things ginger, sparkling water.
    • Dislikes:  shellfish, hot peppers
  • Alcohol: Bourbon, single-malt scotch, malty beer, big red wines
  • Wants:  Hand-made weapons and tools, items with intricate cultural patterns as a motif such as celtic knotwork, norse designs, etc., books on historical topics