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Nordwache means “North Guard” or “North Watch” in German, and was chosen because it is Caid’s northern most area. It includes the San Joaquin Valley in Central California, and encompasses Fresno, Kings, Madera, and Tulare Counties.

In January 1972, the Province of the Setting Sun (Fresno, CA) was formed within the Kingdom of the West, and 18 months later, on July 10, 1973, it became Rieslingshire, the SCA’s first official Shire. The name and device were registered in 02/1975. Centered in Fresno, CA, it was host to several popular annual wars (including the Caid Rebellion) and a “13th Night” celebration.

Riesling was a gateway between the West and Caid, and hosted events (including wars) that many people from both Kingdoms, as well as the Kingdom of Atenveldt attended. When Caid became a Kingdom in 1978, Riesling opted to join its ranks. When Caid became a Kingdom in 1978, Rieslingshire joined its ranks, and eventually was folded into the Barony of Nordwache.

Nordwache was founded in early 1983 as a Province, and became a Barony in early 1984.

Former Territories of Nordwache

  • Canton of Riesling Established 07/10/1973, the Shire of Riesling was the territory that left the Kingdom of the West and joined Caid. Nordwache became a Barony in 1984. The Canton of Riesling existed for a while, and then was dissolved.
  • Canton of Eichenwald, established Fall 1981. The name and device was registered in June 1992.
  • Canton of Mylrune, established Fall 1981. The name and device was registered in April 1984.
  • Canton of Silver Oak, established 09/14/1987.