Feast Basket Check List


The simplest of events to prepare for is a one day event and feast. Simply said but making sure you take all the items you want is not as easy. It is good to have a basket always stocked, ready to grab-and- go. Use a large wicker basket with a good lid. Line the inside to keep out dirt and insects.
When fully loaded, the basket will weigh about the same as a medium sized javelina or wild boar so be sure the handles or straps are pretty heavy duty and well attached to the frame. When selecting your dinnerware keep in mind the feast environment and clean-up facilities when selecting your choice of materials. Metal doesn’t insulate at all but doesn’t break. Wood is a fair insulator and far more durable than ceramics, glass or china. Some plastic ware (often melamine ware) has a society appearance and avoids embarrassment when sitting across from Their Graces and their exquisite place settings.

You might consider keeping two feast baskets: one larger one stocked with all your regular sturdy gear, and a smaller one with nice, perhaps more fragile, plates, glasses and napkins for civilized indoor feasts. So! What to keep in a feast basket? Some items are obvious, some not. You may think of more.

Of course, you will want a complete place setting for each member of your household. You also may want to keep a couple of extra setting for guests or other unexpected uses.

Greetings to you all!


__ Plates/platters ___Bowls ___Cups/mugs/tankards Other items:

___ Alcohol based ‘waterless’ cleaner. (Kills bacteria on contact. Bacterial soaps need much more time for effect.)

___Kitchen garbage bags. (For trash, dirty dishes. Great liner in a basket for an make-shift wash tub or water bucket.)

___Sealable storage bags. (Several quart and gallon sized for left-overs, etc.)

___Dinner knives ___Soup spoons ___ Forks

___Extra napkins (stored in a Zip-loc) ___Tablespoons for serving ___Tablecloth(s)

___Salt & Pepper
___Candle holders
___Bottle opener
___Paper towels
___Small flashlight
___Antacid and pink bismuth tablets (for after those ‘special’ feasts) ___’Mundanity”covers ___Handi-wipes/Babywipes

___Sugar (water tight) ___Candles
___Good Cork screw ___Cloth dish towel ___Pain Reliever

___Tea bags(herbal, etc.) ___Good Can opener ___Tongs (for serving)

___Instant Coffee
___Steak knives
___Handy/baby wipes (great for clean-up)


Put your society name on the bottom of your drinking vessels. These items get lost more than any other. Another tip is to fill 2-liter bottles to about an inch shy of full, squeeze the air out a bit, freeze and put the frozen bottle in your cooler to keep your items cool and dry.