Camping Gear Check List


___ Supply Tent & poles ___ Guy ropes

___ Tent rugs

___ Sleeping Tent w/ poles
___ Kitchen pavilion w/ poles
(Make sure you have ALL the poles!)
___ Stakes (10″ nails best. Forget plastic)
Camping Gear Tip: Wrap large washers in duct tape then push the nail through and the washer won’t doesn’t slide off.
___ Canopy for tent (Keeps tent much cooler)
___ Water proofing spray
___ Ground cover tarp(s)
___ Portable holes
___ Lantern(s) (kerosene /propane /electric)
___ Extra Lantern mantles /bulbs.
___ Candle lantern & candles
___ Slegde hammer (5-10 lb mini-sledge)
___ Lighter /matches
___ Lantern hooks
___ Fire pit / brazier
___Sleeping Bag(s) (20 degree rated)
___ Pillows
___ Folding tables (kitchen work & general
___ Disposable table coverings
___ Flashlights
___ Spare bulbs
___ Duct tape (2-3 rolls)
___ Shepards hooks or other lantern hangers
___ FIRE EXTINGUISHER (1for each tent and kitchen)
___ Temporary tarp clamps with grommet holes (These clamps are usually found in hardware stores) ___ Tent heater (Avoid leaving large BTU heaters on while sleeping.!)
___ Camp Fuel (Plan on at least a gallon of fuel for every 3 days.

___ Tarps
___ Grommet repair kit
___Tie down rope (100′ or more of nylon or cotton) ___ Banners & poles
___ Hurricane Lamps
___ Lamp oil (Quart should fuel a lamp for a week) ___ Camp knife (Large survival type suggested) ___ Fire axe
___ Camp stove(s)
___ Fire wood
___ Hot water bottle
___ Blankets /bedding
___ Foam/air mattress
___ Folding Chairs
___ Water cooler(s)
___ Portable radio (for weather & emergencies) ___ Batteries (for lights & radio)
___ Sleeping futons, cots, pads, beds

1 10oz. propane bottle per day for each lantern and heater.)

Camping Gear Tips: The propane ‘trees’ that mount on the large tanks are relatively inexpensive but are much cheaper in the long run for propane lanterns. I set the 5 gallon (20lb.) tank on a table or stand so the top of the tree sits above head height to provide good lighting.
‘SECOND CHANCE’is the name of a brass adapter that I have that screws onto the tree with the large propane tank threads on the other end for connecting large grills and other stuff.

Keep stakes, tie down ropes, repair kits, etc. in a 5 gallon bucket with lid.
NOTE: drill a few holes in the side of the tub just below the lid to avoid condensation. ____________________________________________________________________________________


___ Spare tire, INFLATED!
___ Radiator water (3 gal. min)
___ Spare oil
___ 12v Air compressor (Damn near essential)
___ Flashlight (Check batteries)
___ TOOLS! (Hammer, adjustable wrench, vise grips, screwdrivers, pliers, hose clamps, etc.)
___ Heavy duty portable power pack for jumping dead batteries.
There is no need to depend on another vehicle being around and most come with built in air compressor

___ Jumper cables
___ Power steering fluid
___ Radiator tape / duct tape ___ Transmission fluid
___ Road flares or flasher

___ Feminine Hygiene supplies
___ Contact lens solution
___ Sewing repair kit
___ Stapler (great for quick-fix on hems) ___ Carry basket

___ Large metal camp mirror (no glass)
___ Glass repair kit (mini-driver and screws)