Camp Kitchen Check List


Now you are ready to really camp and setup up your very own kitchen. As with the feast basket, you may find it helpful to keep a stocked camp kitchen ready to go. A useful container is a large plastic tub, Most of the gear can be acquired inexpensively from second-hand or surplus stores or your local discount outlet.

(The following items fit into a 24″x18″x18″ plastic tub with a high lid. ‘Tetris’ experience is a plus.)

___ Griddle / Lg Fry Pan (10″)
___ Handled pot (3qt)
___ Coffee pot
___Wok-style ladles with & w/o holes ___ Long metal tongs

___ Deep pan (5qt)
___ Teapot
___ Large metal spoons (slotted & regular) ___ Wood mixing spoons
___ Whisk
___ BBQ Spatula
___ Regular spatula
___ Dish towels / Rags
___ Long blade knife

___ BBQ fork
___ BBQ skewers
___ Pot holders (2-3)
___ Chef’s knife (I have a Ginsui type)
___ Paring knives (2)
___ Large plastic mixing bowl, 5qt min.
___ Large strainer or colander
___ Large plastic funnel
___ Plastic measuring cup (16oz)
___ Plastic wrap roll
___ Tin foil roll
___ Large ZipLocks (1 & 2 gal.)
___ Scrubber brush
___ Paper towels
___ Bottle opener (in Feast Basket)
___ Small bottle bleach (surface – sanitation standard is 1part bleach per 24 parts of water)
___ Cafeteria style tray (12×18 size is great for general food prep on un-sanitary work surfaces.)

___ Cutting board (plastic preferred over wood)
___ Fabric or material covers to hid water jugs & coolers
___ Lighter & wood matches w/ striker in waterproof container ___ Large plastic pitcher
___ Long kitchen aprons (keeps the garb clean)
___ Large trash bags (roll)
___ Dish washing liquid
___ Steel wool pads
___ Can opener (in Feast Basket)

___ Two stackable 10×14 plastic storage boxes as wash tubs

Suggested items that do not fin in the kitchen tub

___Large 2′ diameter wash & rinse tubs. (Optional)
___ 7-10 quart stew pot and lid
___ Collapsible soft-sided trash barrel (found in home store garden sectionsl) ___ 6-8 clothes pins to hold trash bag in place.

KITCHEN TIP: Pack a 3lb coffee can. The gallon sized sealable bags fills the can and folds-back nicely over the top. This holds the bag wide open for filling. Make sure there are no burrs on the lip of the can. Try to keep all your food stuff in sealable water-resistant tubs. This can be a life saver after a major storm.