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Baronial Awards of Nordwache

Awards are a great way to encourage and inspire people. The SCA, Kingdom of Caid, and Barony of Nordwache look forward to recognizing the words and deeds of people. Below is a list of awards that the royalty of Nordwache sometimes gives their noble populous as one way to recognize those actions. But they only can be aware of deserving nobles by the words of others. Please spread the word of the deeds you have witnessed by filling out the form HERE. Also, please remember these awards are a secondary “thank you.” You should encourage people in person as well.

Order of the Fenix d’Or (Service)

Service award

Order of le Coeur Nobel (Courtesy and Noble demeanor)

Order of le Beau Coeur (Arts & Sciences)

Order of the Talon and Flame (Archery, Thrown Weapons, Combat)

Order of the Imber (Childrens)